class tidy3d.FreqMonitor(center, size, freqs, store=('E', 'H'), interpolate=True, name=None)

Monitor recording a discrete Fourier transform of the fields within a 3D region, for a given list of frequencies.

__init__(center, size, freqs, store=('E', 'H'), interpolate=True, name=None)


  • center (array_like) – (micron) x, y, and z position of the center of the Monitor.

  • size (array_like) – (micron) Size in x, y, and z.

  • freqs (float or array_like) – Frequencies at which the fields are sampled.

  • store (list, optional) – List of attributes to be recorded. Valid entries are 'E', 'H', 'flux', and 'eps'. If 'flux' is requested, the monitor must be a 2D surface, and interpolate must be True.

  • interpolate (bool, optional) – If True, the fields are returned at the centers of the Yee lattice, and all fields and components are at the same position. If False, the raw fields, where each component lies on its assigned Yee lattice location, are returned.

  • name (str, optional) – Custom name of the monitor.


__init__(center, size, freqs[, store, …])