class tidy3d.VolumeSource(source_time, center, size, component, amplitude=1.0, name=None)

A source specified as an electric or a magnetic current of a fixed component (one of Ex, Ey, Ez, Hx, Hy, Hz) with a constant amplitude inside a 3D volume region.

__init__(source_time, center, size, component, amplitude=1.0, name=None)


  • source_time (SourceTime) – Object describing the time dependence of the source.

  • center (array_like) – (micron) 3D vector defining the center of the source region.

  • size (array_like) – (micron) 3D vector defining the size of the source region.

  • component (str) – One of {'Ex', 'Ey', 'Ez', 'Hx', 'Hy', 'Hz'}, specifying the direction and type of current component (e.g. Ez specifies electric current source polarized along the z-axis).

  • amplitude (float, optional) – Scaling amplitude of the source.

  • name (None, optional) – Custom name of the source.


__init__(source_time, center, size, component)