DispersionFit.plot(wavelengths=None, ax=None, dot_sizes=25, linewidth=3, n_data_color='black', k_data_color='grey', n_model_color='firebrick', k_model_color='dodgerblue')

Make plot of model vs data, at a set of wavelengths (if supplied).

  • wavelengths (array-like, optional) – (micron) wavelengths to evaluate model at.

  • ax (matplotlib.axes.Axes, optional) – axis to plot the data on.

  • dot_sizes (int, optional) – Size of input data scatter plots.

  • linewidth (int, optional) – Width of model plot lines.

  • n_data_color (str, optional) – Color (matplotlib) of n data.

  • k_data_color (str, optional) – Color (matplotlib) of k data.

  • n_model_color (str, optional) – Color (matplotlib) of n model.

  • k_model_color (str, optional) – Color (matplotlib) of k model.


Return type

Matplotlib image object.