classmethod Batch.load_from_file(filename, task_names=None, base_dir='out/', folder_name='default', draft=False)

Load a Batch from file containing newline separated list of task_ids.

  • filename (str) – Full path to file for storing Batch info.

  • task_names (list, optional) – List of strings corresponding to task name of each Simulation.

  • base_dir (str, optional) – Base of path corresponding to where data for this Batch will be stored.

  • folder_name (str, optional) – Folder to store the Batch on the server / UI.

  • draft (bool, optional) – If True, each job will be submitted but not run. It can then be visualized in the web UI and run from there when needed.

  • Longer Returned (No) –

  • ------------------

  • Batchweb.Batch containing all Jobs from file.